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‘Crybaby’ is often used to insult a highly sensitive person. It’s to invalidate someone by making them seem like they’re overreacting just because they’re in tuned with their feelings.

Being sensitive is often seen as a weakness, hence they call them crybabies.

Being called a crybaby all my life, I’m not gonna have none of that shit.

So I’m here to show you how I used that “weakness” as an advantage

And here you see the result of being a Crybaby 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Crybaby #13

Well, if you fancy having a 1/1 of my work cos you liked it

or you wanna invest in me as an artist

or if you wanna have another 1/1 for free 😀

Which can be used to unlock a wallet that contains another 1/1 (ERC 721) – as a reward for collecting all of the Crybabiez.

Once you got the *hidden* 1/1, you can do as you please with it. I would advise you to *go to the dark* though.

The Crybabiez from 2-13 all have an unlockable content.

Crybaby #1 doesn’t have any since the artist is a dumbass… and the only Crybaby minted on Rarible… But you can still appreciate it as the OG Crybaby. 😛



To avoid confusion, here are the orders of the words:

Crybaby # 1 – none

Crybaby # 2 – 1st word

Crybaby # 3 – 2nd word

Crybaby # 4 – 3rd word

Crybaby # 5 – 4th word

Crybaby # 6 – 5th word

Crybaby # 7 – 6th word

Crybaby # 8 – 7th word

Crybaby # 9 – 8th word

Crybaby # 10 – 9th word

Crybaby # 11 – 10th word

Crybaby # 12 – 11th word

Crybaby # 13 – 12th word